Voyage of the Golden Gale

Char'dalon, the home port.
Before the adventures begin...

Captain’s Log: Argon Galerius

1 Jhulae, 2096 OIR

Storm battered and broken and with one third the crew required to sail the ship, the Golden Gale limped into our home port of Char’dalon three months past. Despite poor condition of both ship and crew, I found myself forced to sequester my crew below decks and send my boy, Symeon, to the castle of the Cantator of Char’dalon, Lord Metilius Dracogena. Rumor flew about the city: some said the half starved crew resorted to cannibalism to survive; others claimed that I, Argon Galerius, made a pact with demons to save my ship and have since gone mad. Weeds tells me that Old Restio, the rope-maker, swore he saw me lead a black-skinned sea beast with tentacles instead of arms from the ‘Gale. Nevertheless, I have kept secret my lord’s true purpose and the Golden Gale is now refitted, provisioned, fully manned, and ready to carry out the Cantator’s stated purpose of an expedition across the uncharted Western Sea to establish a presence on the wondrously rich and exotic continent we discovered there. It pleases me that my old friend, Captain O. Lash of the Wave Dancer, will be joining the expedition but there is, of course, a downside: we will also be attended by the Cantator’s nephew, who styles himself ‘Damphair’ and captains the Salt Wife. Provisions are loaded and we only wait upon the tides.


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