Calendar and Timeline


The city-states of Gyth-Iaru (Iar Aunas, Char’dalon, Northport) count years from the mythical founding of the Empire of the Eppars. These dates are tagged with OIR (Old Imperium Reckoning).

Months of the Old Imperial calendar
  1. Jhainarae
  2. Fevrori
  3. Marki
  4. Avrilae
  5. Meae
  6. Jhunae
  7. Jhulae
  8. Argosi
  9. Sebtemi
  10. Octaviae
  11. Nobremi
  12. Dekuli

Campaign Timeline

1 Jhulae, 2096 OIRGolden Gale sails for the unexplored land recently discovered by Captain Argon Galerius.

11 Jhulae, 2096 OIR – Rendezvous at the Coral Spire; acquisition of Anshaluhr, sea elven guide and scout, on the Wave Dancer.

1-3 Argosi, 2096 OIR – Storm at sea and separation of the fleet.

4-22 Argosi, 2096 OIRGolden Gale stranded in the sargasso: sabotage, lair of the giant crab, assault by the squidlings.

12 Sebtemi, 2096 OIR – Damphair and the Salt Wife turn pirate and burn the Wave Dancer. Captain Lash and most of the officers slain, some of the crew taken, but many escape and hide in the jungle of the unexplored land. Golden Gale arrives and rescues the remaining crew and makes contact with natives resident in the area.

Calendar and Timeline

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