Dramatis Personae

Player Characters

Anshaluhr – A sea elf who has left her homeland for a life above the waves.

Dukendu Alghizama – A quiet and reclusive individual. Dukendu holds self preservation above nearly all else.

Geoff of Broyhill – Wizard-warrior of the secretive Magisterium

Grathis – A bugbear from the wilds of Gyth-Iaru.

Iyame – An archer from Chardalon.

Sanamoske Itoh – An eastern warrior looking to redeem his family honor.

Setara – Swashbuckling Zakharan in search of adventure who found a bit more responsibility than expected.

Xao – A warrior-monk exploring powers granted by his heritage as descendant of the Dragon King of the Sea.

Crew of the Golden Gale

Crew of the Sea Dragon

Other Persons of Note

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Dramatis Personae

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