Geoff Log Entry 18

Journal of Geoff of Broyhill, Magus

I have seen in my training as a practitioner of the of the ancient and esoteric arts writing s of creatures of shadow, of places beyond here. My friend Dukendu has had exposure to such creatures. However the one type of creatuer i have see most recently is frightening enough to see in person. that would be the creatures cursed with being trapped between the living and the dead. the creature the could dround people while they remained in the air was one such creature.

The village seen by dukendu and anshalure by air has been found by us in person. it is a lonely place, occupied by only one man. a scared man. He wa afraid of a curse, a curse that apperently has taken his whole villge except him. He fears the night.

This island has an ominus feel about it, a , I dear say, curse. we will be staying the night in the village, but with the intent of finding out what he fears at night. fear is a form of slavery and I wish him this boon: that he is given freedom from fear.

It is morning and i have seen what went bump in the night. Last night a blood curdling scream was uttered by Captain Xao as he has found creatures in one of the abandoned huts. apperently he was trying to be sneaky, whenhe found a group fo the creatures. they llook like children, hungry starved children. when he tried to feed then with some of his own rations, they atacked him, drawing strength from him wtih every bite. fortunately they were fairly easy to dospatch for our primary archer, Aiyame, has also been struck by one, sapping her strength.

i know not what the shadow is that is cast here, but i find it very disturbing. It needs to be banished. i was born in slavery. my father engineered my freedom. I will pass that on when i can, however I can.

I am Geoff of broy hill, Char d’lon. Magus.

Addendum: We happened b\opon a boy who is in need of being brought to safety. We travel further into the heart of the island, into the heartof the darkness. We are no entwined into the destiny of the peoples here. What ever the result, we are heros by destiny and as such we are under the requium af actions to follow the wills of those who guide us and protect us, whomever they anmy be.

G.B. Ship’s Wizard, The Golden Gale

Geoff Log Entry 18

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