Skill and Synergy

Additions to Linguistics

Characters begin with the ability to speak and read/write their native language. Races that begin with ‘Common’ instead choose a regional language. Each point of Intelligence bonus and each rank of Linguistics allows you to select an additional language to speak, or learn to write a language that you already speak. Each three points of Intelligence bonus and Linguistics ranks combined ((Int bonus + Linguistics ranks)/3) grants a bonus language either spoken or written.

Wizards and clerics begin with the bonus ability to read and write one language that they can speak, typically a language associated with their magical or religious tradition.

Situational Synergy

Whenever a player feels one skill that their character possesses should reasonably enhance the use of a second skill, they can attempt to gain synergy. Synergy works like Aid Another: Roll the first skill check (using the ‘helping’ skill) against DC 10 and if you succeed you get a +2 bonus on the second skill check. Which skills synergize and under what conditions is up to negotiation between Player and DM.

For example, succeed on a DC 10 skill check with Knowledge (nobility) and get a +2 to your Diplomacy check with the King.

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Skill and Synergy

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